Reform Distributors has been manufacturing a natural neutraceutical range called Lifeforce since 1972, supplying mainly specialists, doctors, dieticians, selected health shops and pharmacies. Reform Distributors has continued its commitment to Lifeforce products through the development of scientifically reformulated and new product ranges to suit the ever-demanding needs of a modern lifestyle.

In March 2002, Medhol CC (Medical Advisory – Holistic Health – Occupational Health Consultancy Services) purchased Reform Distributors. Since then the image has been revamped from the old orange Egyptian Eye logo to the new Lifeforce logo with Royal Blue and Bronze packaging. It was also necessary to have our labels comply with MCC (Medical Control Council) requirements.

Reform Distributors has complied with the call in of Complementary Medicine, having registered the entire product range with the Medicines Control Council. In addition, we are licensed to operate as a Wholesale Distributor with the Medicines Control Council and are a member of the Health Products Association. Lifeforce products are NAPPI coded and Bar coded. Our products comply with International Standards and are extremely competitively priced within the Complementary and Health product market.

Lifeforce products have not been tested on animals and do not contain artificial colourants, lactose, preservatives, sugar, wheat or yeast.

These revolutionary products are based on solid, scientific studies. A panel of nine talented health professionals (professors, specialists, doctors and dieticians) from various academic institutions have input into Lifeforce formulations. These professionals have spent countless hours pouring through journals and research abstracts to identify nutrients vital for optimal health.

Only the best GMP (Good Manufacturing Products / Practice) raw materials and ingredients have been selected. A careful combination of raw material quality and production practices is used to guarantee maximum nutrient content, absorption and potency. This is coupled with a long tradition of small, short manufacturing runs to guarantee maximum freshness and super-potency.

Sue Du Plessis, owner of Reform Distributors and a Holistic Health Practitioner (having been in private practice since 1985 and practicing Holistic Medicine since 1992) commits herself to assisting clientele with health-related queries from a medical, dietetic and counselling point of view.

For further details or information, or to obtain Lifeforce products, please call Reform Distributors at (011) 659-0612, Fax (011) 659-0578, or
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Thank you for having set aside the time to review this letter, should you require any further information on any of Lifeforce products please feel free to call the undersigned.

Yours Sincerely,
Sue du Plessis