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We would like to inform our valued clients of the following specials:
Alfalfa Buy five get one free
Chewy E Buy five get one free
GTF Buy five get one free
GTF Buy twelve and get three free
Iron Plus Buy five get one free

Please note that we no longer have any stock of the Symphatone products as we have decided not to distribute this product any longer.

We are introducing and launching a few new Lifeforce products:

Aromatherapy Body Lotion: Aloe Vera Oil, Carrot Oil, Geranium, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Rose Combination.

Aromatherapy Foot Lotion: Aloe Vera Oil, Carrot Oil, Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Chamomile and Tea Tree Combination.

Aromatherapy Shampoo: A totally natural combination of Rosemary, Burdock, Seaweed & Chamomile available in a 200ml bottle.

Aromatherapy Conditioner: A totally natural combination of Rosemary, Burdock, Seaweed & Chamomile available in a 200ml bottle.

We would also like to notify you that we are planning a Products Training Day out in the Country, which will most probably take place in October. Further details will follow in later Newsletters.

Please find enclosed product information on a few of our specials.

Kind regards,

SB Du Plessis
CEO Reform Distributors

GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor)

The discovery of the role of GTF Chromium in health is proving to be one of major importance. Research strongly suggests that GTF chromium is a protective factor against two of the three leading causes of death: heart disease and diabetes. Studies also show that GTF Chromium helps to control appetite, Hypoglycemia and protein-uptake. GTF Chromium also counteracts a host of problems wrongly blamed on the aging process, but actually due to an extended GTF Chromium shortage.
Few have as yet grasped the importance of dietary GTF Chromium, as they are either unaware of the role of GTF in health, or they are not aware of the fact that many people lose their ability to make GTF in their bodies. Our bodies can produce GTF from the mineral Chromium, the vitamin Niacin or Tryptophan, and the amino acids Glycine, Glutamic Acid and Cysteine. In those people with reduced efficiency in making their own GTF, dietary GTF becomes a critical source of this compound. In essence, dietary GTF is a vitamin to such individuals. In this case, the relationship between Chromium and GTF Chromium is analogous to the relationship between Cobalt and vitamin B12.
GTF chromium is removed by the refining of food. Modern diets are deficient in Chromium, as well as GTF Chromium and still further depleted by the excretion of Chromium. Studies have shown that as the years go by, our diets are depleting whatever meager body reserves may have previously existed. The net effect may be: increased heart disease, Diabetes, Hypoglycemia and impaired protein metabolism. GTF Chromium helps to bring protein to where it is needed and as one gets older, you retain less in your body.
GTF Chromium helps and works together with Insulin in the metabolism of sugar. A high blood sugar level damages the body in many ways. This damage is called "glucose intolerance" and results in damage to the arteries, nerves and even to the eyes. Insulin reduces high blood sugar by opening passageways in the cell surfaces or by causing chemicals to be released in the cell membrane to facilitate the entry of blood sugar into the cells. Once inside the cells, the sugar is burned for energy or converted to fat.
GTF Chromium aids insulin in its role of controlling blood sugar. This action is not totally clear at this time, but it is thought that GTF Chromium holds insulin molecules to their "receptors" on the cell surfaces. Thus GTF Chromium is a factor in the tolerance to glucose and the compound is called 'Glucose Tolerance Factor', 'GTF chromium' or 'GTF' for short.

What it can do for you:
GTF can help prevent and lower high blood pressure by, helping to regulate the blood pressure. It works as a deterrent and can prevent Diabetes, Heart diseases and Colon Cancer. Chromium is known to regulate and stabilise blood sugar levels and is appropriate for use by Diabetics. GTF can be used as a healing tool in Hypoglycaemia and other health problems. Chromium aids in growth by converting protein into muscle and sugar into energy and so it is ideal for athletes who want to increase muscle size and strength.

Personal advice:
GTF is suitable for Diabetics. GTF and Zinc Chelate compliment each other very well; so try our Zinc Gluconate supplement together with GTF.



Alfalfa has been dubbed 'the great healer' by biologist and author, Frank Bouer, who discovered that the green leaves of this remarkable legume contain eight essential enzymes. Every 100g of Alfalfa contains 8,000IU of vitamin A and 20,000-40,000 units of Vitamin K, which protects against hemorrhaging and helps in blood clotting. Alfalfa is a fine source of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E and also contains enough vitamin D, lime and phosphorus to secure strong bones and teeth in growing children.

What it can do for you:
Many doctors use Alfalfa for treating stomach ailments, gas pains, ulcerous conditions and poor appetites, because it contains vitamin D, which is also found in raw cabbage and cabbage juice. The latter have frequently been used as an aid in treating peptic ulcers. Alfalfa is also a good laxative and a natural diuretic. Alfalfa can also assist in breast-feeding when there is an under-supply in the production of breast milk.

Personal advice:
It great brain food!


Iron Plus

Iron is essential and is necessary for the production of Haemoglobin (red blood corpuscles), Myoglobin (red pigment in muscles) and certain enzymes. Iron and calcium are the two major dietary deficiencies of women today. Only about 8% of your total iron intake is absorbed and enters your bloodstream. Haemoglobin, which accounts for most of your iron, is recycled and reutilised as blood cells, being replaced every 120 days. Iron-bound protein and tissue iron is stored in the body in very small amounts. Copper, Cobalt, Manganese and vitamin C are necessary to assimilate iron. Iron is necessary for the proper metabolism of B vitamins. Iron Plus is a nutritional supplement containing Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and the minerals Iron & Copper. It aids in red blood cell formation and can assist in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

What it can do for you:
Iron aids in growth and promotes resistance to infections and diseases. Iron can prevent fatigue and bring back good skin tone. It can also be used to cure and prevent iron-deficiency Anaemia.

Personal Advice:
If you are a woman with heavy menstrual flows or short cycles, then it is recommended to supplement with Iron. Coffee and tea drinkers should also be aware that large quantities of either beverage can inhibit iron absorption of iron.


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