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Welcome to our second edition for this year. We will endeavour to empower and assist you to create well-being in your life with our products and keep you updated and informed with our newsletters.

Our training sessions started in February and we have managed to fit in three separate sets of training. The first launch was out at our offices at the end of February 2003. We had strong support from the health shops, some dieticians and Naturo Paths. The second training session was in Randburg, our strongest support being from Dieticians, nursing sisters and pharmacy sales assistances. Our Pretoria of training session was held at the Psoriasis Total Care Centre where our strongest support was from the health professionals. The interaction in all three sessions was excellent and all the parties concerned we able to learn from each other. Thank you for your valued support in this very vital area of our business.

The next training session will be in Rosebank / Sandton area on 10 of April from 07h30 - 10h00. Following on to this session will be a session at our office on 8 May 2003 from 13h30 - 17h00. Please contact the office for more details.

It is with regret that we have to inform our loyal supporters of Lifeforce Honey that we are going to discontinue this range as soon as our present stock runs out. We have had endless problems in getting stock to supply our customers. We have explored many different avenues and it seems like the doors have closed for us.

As we head into autumn, we should start preparing our bodies for the long cold winter. What a better way to start than by strengthening the Immune System? The motto remains that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Always start with your diet as the 1st defence against illnesses.

  • Eat plenty of colourful, varied fresh fruit and vegetables, especially those that are orange (the more pips in a fruit the higher the Vitamin C content) red, and purple such as berries, sweet potatoes and red peppers.
  • Eat plenty of seeds (such as pumpkin and sunflower) as snacks, in salads and on cereal.
  • Include plenty of Vitamin C rich foods in your diet, such as broccoli, peas, cabbage, lemons, oranges, lemons and strawberries.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration - water is always best, but try nutritious fruit juices, vegetable soup and eat some fruit bars.
  • Drink Rooibos tea or other herbal teas daily.
  • Supplement with multivitamin & minerals and at least 1000mg - 2000mg Vitamin C (Chewy C / High C Powder) and an Immune complex (Immuno Aid Combo) on a daily basis. Your prevention levels regarding supplementation can be tripled when fighting a specific infection.
  • Don't smoke, minimise alcohol, tea, coffee and especially diary products.

Your immune strength is totally dependent on an optimal intake of vitamins and minerals and other immune boosting nutrients. Since no nutrients work in isolation, it's a good idea to supplement a good diet with a high strength multivitamin and mineral (such as B Right Special or Barley Grass Plus). This combination of nutrients at the even modest levels can have a strong effect on boosting immunity.

Scientific studies have shown that those on supplements have fewer infections, have a stronger immune system when measured by blood test determination of immune factors and are generally healthier than those on placebos or no supplementations.

As Flu Complications rank in the top 10 causes of death, you can consider having a flu vaccination if you are open to this form of therapy. There are some groups of people who are totally unsuitable for vaccinations though!

Do not get vaccinated if you are:

  • In the 1st trimester of pregnancy.
  • Hypersensitive to egg protein.
  • Have a high temperature or infection at the time of expected vaccination.

Speak to your health practitioner or pharmacist for more details.

Clumsiness - dropping things and bumping into things
Forgetfulness (memory lapses)
Fatigue (very tired)

Tips on how to heal your body without using normal prescription drugs

I. Start by using Zinc tablets, not in the usually prescribed manner, but rather break the tablet into quarters and use under the tongue every 2 hours until the infection is cleared.
II. Use 2 x SSS formula tablets, 3 x Magcal tablets and 1 x Magnesium Oxide tablet as one dose, every 2 hours during the day until you feel better. It is also advisable to take Slow K 600mg or Chelated Potassium 2 times a day during this phase.
III. High C Powder - take a ½ teaspoon every 2 hours until your tummy works very loosely. Then calculate how many doses you have taken up until then. Cut back by a ½ teaspoon and take that amount 3 times per day until the infection clears. Vitamin C increases the percentage of B-lymphocyte cells and enhances humoral (antibody) immunity responses.
IV. Immunoforce drops 20 drops under the tongue - 2 hourly until infection is cleared. Or products like Cat's Claw, Echinacea, Berry extracts.

The above treatment can be used together or individualised, as you prefer. If you have an impaired immune system it is recommended that you use all of the suggested treatments together.

What is the difference between a cold and the flu?

Symptoms of a cold

  • Sore throat
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal discharge
  • Headaches
  • Coughing

A cold is a milder form of an upper respiratory infection usually due to a virus such as the Rhinovirus infection.

Flu symptoms

  • Fever
  • Respiratory symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, runny nose
  • Headache, muscle aches and often tiredness and fatigue.

Most people spontaneously recover from flu within a week, but can be very tired for some time after recovery.

If you have an impaired immune system you may develop serious and potentially life-threatening complications such as Bronchitis or Pneumonia. This can occur at any age, but the elderly, those under 5 years, as well as those suffering from chronic diseases are more prone to serious flu complications.

Flu weakens the natural defences of the body and additional infections by other harmful microorganisms can occur, delaying complete recovery.

As you will notice our promotions can assist you to start preparing for this season. One of the ways would be through the added use of products such as ADE & ZINC, GARLIC & PARSLEY, ZINC GLUCONATE, AND BALANCED B COMPLEX, CHEWY C, HIGH C POWDER AND ONE OF OUR NEWEST PRODUCTS: IMMUNO AID COMBO.


CHEWY E: Buy 3:1 free (very limited stock).
MAGCAL: Buy 3:1 free (limited stock)
IRON PLUS: Buy 1: 1 free while stocks last.
GARLIC & PARSLEY: Buy 4:1 free
ZINC GLUCONATE: Buy 5:1 free


LIFEFORCE A D E & ZINC (100 Tablets)
Vitamin A D E & Zinc is a nutritional supplement with a combination of vitamins A, E, D & Zinc for more effective use in one tablet. Best absorbed and utilised by using together with Vitamin C and Selenium. Vitamin A & E function as tissue antioxidants, neutralising harmful free radicals. Vitamin D helps the body utilise calcium for development of strong bones and teeth. Vitamin E helps the body protect unsaturated fatty acids & Vitamin A. Deficiency causes shrinking of the Thymus (the master gland of the immune system), possibly due to the fact for its requirement for the normal release of vitamin A from the liver, which is needed for normal thymus activity. The mineral Zinc aids with many enzyme activities needed for the elimination or routinely produced cancer cells. Zinc is responsible for the metabolism of Vitamins A and B, as well as fatty acids. Aids with many enzymes activities, and energy production. It can assist with immune system and energy production.

Dry eyes, skin & mucous membranes. Poor resistance to disease/infections. Impaired growth or development. Night blindness.

LIFEFORCE CHEWY C (100 chewable tablets)
A combination of Calcium Gluconate, Hesperidin, Rosehip, Rutin, Vitamin C, Citrus Bioflavonoids & Acerola. Vitamin C is the backbone of any immune boosting programme. It is strongly antiviral as well as being anti-bacterial and has proved successful against every virus tested. In addition, it increases the vital soldiers in the immune army such as B and T lymphocytes and interferon and it also helps gobble up bacteria and other 'rubbish' generated when you are under attack. In recent research it was consistently found that those who supplemented with Vitamin C had shorter length colds with fewer symptoms.

LIFEFORCE HIGH C POWDER (100grams powder)
This is a nutritional supplement with vitamin C, combined with Bioflavonoids, Hesperidin and Rutin to fully maximise the potential of vitamin C. It is necessary for the promotion of the healing process of wounds and burns. It also aids with the formation of red of blood cells and absorption of Iron and Calcium. It can assist with stress conditions and lowering of blood cholesterol as well as being an anti-oxidant protecting vitamins from oxidation.

Fatigue, irritabilities, loss of appetite, weight loss, Scurvy, bleeding gum, loosened teeth, wounds that will not heal, bleeding skin and inner organs, because of Capillary fragility

Garlic contains potassium, phosphorus, a significant amount of Vitamin B and Vitamin C, as well as Calcium and Protein.

Premature aging, lowered immune functions, blood pressure problems, yeast and bacteria infections

Zinc acts as a traffic policeman, directing and overseeing the efficient flow of body processes and the maintaining of enzyme systems and cells. Zinc is essential for protein synthesis. It governs the contractibility of muscles and helps in the formation of Insulin. It is important for blood stability and in maintaining the body's acid-alkaline balance. Zinc exerts a normalising effect on the prostate and is important in the development of all reproductive organs. New studies indicate Zinc's importance in brain functioning and the treatment of Schizophrenia. There is strong evidence of its requirement for the synthesis of DNA. Excessive sweating can cause a loss of as much as 3mg of Zinc per day. Most of the Zinc contained in foods is lost in processing, or never exits in substantial amount due to nutrient-poor soil. Zinc chelated deficiency can cause a depression of cell-mediated (lymphocyte) immune responses and the shrinking of the thymus (the master gland of the immune system). Lack of this mineral may bring about lymphoid atrophy with a slight decrease in T-cell numbers in the peripheral blood. Not only is the number of T-helpers cells decreased, but also noted is a decrease in the activity of facteur thumic serique (from the French, meaning thymus blood factor).

Enzyme shortage, chronic urinary problems, insufficient immune system, prostate problems, Blood sugar disturbances, Ph balance of blood. Possibly Prostatic hypertrophy (noncancerous enlargement of the prostate gland) and arteriosclerosis.


BARLEY GRASS PLUS (100 Capsules)
Barley grass is a green grass - considered to the most nutritional of the green grasses, a plant that can supply sole nutritional support to every individual. Before green grasses undergo the reproductive cycle that creates the grains (the grass stage) they contain approximately the same vitamins and minerals as dark green vegetables. When grasses are harvested at a young age, they have a different chemical makeup from their adult counterparts. Dr Yoshihide Hagiwara, after 20 years of intensive research said, "It is clear to me, that the leaves of the cereal grasses provide the nearest thing this planet offers to the perfect food. For reasons of palatability, higher nutrient content, and favourable harvesting features, green barley stands out as the best among these".
Barley Grass capsules contain natural chlorophyll (containing 16 Vitamins, 23 Minerals), more than 50 traces of other minerals, 18 Amino Acids and numerous Digestive Enzymes - Alkaline ph factor. It has been combined with Brown Rice, Kelp powder, Omega 3 and 6.

Hypoglycaemia, low energy levels - resulting in lethargy, cerebral allergy, with depression, mood swings, and irritability, joints or chest pain and skin problems. Food and environmental allergies and blood pressure related problems. Diabetes, Heart disease, Arteriosclerosis, hormone imbalances, chronic infections, constipation, bad circulation and skin disorders.



LIFEFORCE REFOCUS (180 Capsules, 180 Chewy Tablet or 200ml Syrup)
Refocus is a nutritional supplement with combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids & essential fatty acids & strong anti-oxidants. For the promotion of mood elevation & restful sleep. Can assist with brain nutrition to improve memory and mental performance. Aids with alertness, sociability and can assist against stress. Clinical studies demonstrate that mental performance (how quickly you can remember something, how sharply you can concentrate and focus, and your overall ability to learn) can be improved with specific nutritional supplementation. Select nutrients and amino acids can actually heighten and sharpen your cognitive performance by stimulating the production of neurotransmitters (those specialized chemical messengers in the brain that contribute to mental alertness, concentration and optimal brain function), improving blood flow to the brain, and restore brain cell metabolism to more youthful levels. Refocus was medically created to improve memory and accelerate mental performance. Gingko Biloba extracts, Vinpocetine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine have been included to increase blood supply to the brain and boost oxygen uptake and glucose utilization for greater recall. DMAE, Choline and vitamin B5 stimulate the production of acetylcholine, an important brain neurotransmitter. 18 Amino acids with the combination of Vitamin B12 enhance mental quickness and stimulate the synthesis of RNA, the memory molecule.

Attention Deficit Disorder & hyperactivity, as well as a decline in learning, memory and concentration.


Guard is a multi functional cardiovascular formula with herbal components, amino acids & antioxidants. Cardio-Arterial. It enhances the performance of the heart and blood vessels with a precise combination of synergistic factors. The Flavonoids compounds support normal blood pressure and serum Cholesterol deposition in the arterial wall and improve heart contractions. Co-Enzyme 10 provides critical support for cardiovascular bioenergetics and myocardial functions, while Taurine modulates the activity of cyclic AMP and Calcium in the heart. L-Carnitine enhances oxygen utilization, myocardium energy and normal heart contractions. L-Arginine improves coronary circulation and lowers cholesterol.

High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Arteriosclerosis, Irregular Heart Rhythms.


STEVIA DROPS (10g in 100ml)
Stevia is a highly nutritional natural, herbal sugar-free sweetener. It assists in lowering and regulating blood pressure, as well as lowering of blood sugar in diabetics, but has a regulatory effect in non-diabetics. It acts as a cardio tonic by strengthening the heart. It assists with mild antibacterial properties towards the bacteria that cause tooth decay. It helps to increases energy levels and mental activity. SUITABLE FOR DIABETICS

Weight Management problems, cardiovascular diseases, and blood sugar level regulation problems. Diabetes, Heart disease and Arteriosclerosis

GTF Plus is specifically designed as a nutritional base for people with Hypoglycemia and Diabetes, or for those concerned about developing diabetes. It uses a balanced, comprehensive multi-vitamin and multi-mineral base, with antioxidant protection provided by Taurine, N-acetyl-cysteine, and L-Glutamine. Two forms of chromium (Chromium Picolinate & Glucose Tolerance Polynicotinate) team with Ginkgo Biloba extract for superior nutritional support. The brain, heart, central nervous system and skeletal muscles need Taurine. Clinical studies show beneficial effects in diabetes, congestive heart failure, and seizure disorders. Diabetics are known to have lower levels of Taurine. Taurine improves the utilization of sugar and potentiates the action of insulin. Help prevent and to lower high blood pressure by, helping to regulate the blood pressure. It works as a deterrent and can prevent Diabetes, Heart diseases and Colon Cancer. Chromium Picolinate - research indicates that it can help stabilize blood sugar levels, increase the body's ability to burn extra fat (adipose tissue) and stimulate the formation of lean muscle. Glucose Tolerance Polynicotinate has been included to regulate and stabilise the blood sugar levels and is appropriate for all three types of diabetes. Chromium supports and used as a healing tool in hypoglycaemia, and other health problems. Chromium aids in growth by converting protein into muscle and sugar into energy. Chromium is ideal for athletes who want to increase muscle strength and size. Ginkgo Biloba Extract - research has shown that it aids in the transport of glucose into the cells.

Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Heart disease, Arteriosclerosis, Blood pressure related problems


A nutritional supplement containing 29 different kinds of mineral components, including many difficult to find, but important inorganic mineral components of your body's tissues. If the body is in deficient in any of these minerals or tissue salts, illness occurs and that if the deficiency is corrected, the body is capable of healing itself. In other words, balanced minerals & tissue salts are not a cure, but rather a remedy.
Deficiency symptoms
Magnesium: Irritability, muscle weakness, tetony cardiac arrhythmias & mental derangement
Phosphorus: None known
Iodine: Hyperthyroidism
Manganese: Nil documented in humans
Selenium: Lightening of colour of the fingernail beds, muscular discomfort or weakness, Cardiomyopathy
Sodium: Part of the Electrolyte chain
Potassium: Part of the Electrolyte chain, muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat, mood or mental changes, nausea and vomiting.
Iron: Chronic fatigue, weakness, anaemia. Learning problems in children, shortness of breath, decreased physical performance.
Calcium: Poor muscle tone, weakening of bones, osteoporosis in elderly.
Zinc: White spots on fingernails, poor condition of hair & skin, delayed wound healing, susceptibility to infection, loss of taste, smell & appetite, apathy & lethargy, retarded growth, slow mental development & abnormal Vitamin A metabolism.

The Twelve Tissue Salts and their Indications

Calc. fluor Muscle, circulation, varicose veins.
Calc. phos Teeth, bones, blood, gastric juice, aids vitality.
Calc. sulph Skin problems, adolescent pimples, slow healing wounds.
Ferr. Phos Energy, vitality, inflammation, sore throats.
Kali. Mur Respiratory congestion, coughs and colds.
Kali. Sulp Hair, nails, and minor skin ailments.
Kali. Phos. Nervousness, fatigue and nervous headaches.
Mag. phos Hair, nails and minor skin ailments.
Nat. Mur Moisture control, relief of a runny nose and loss of taste or smell.
Nat. phos Acidity, heartburn and rheumatism.
Nat. sulph Water retention, acid elimination, biliousness and influenza.
Silicia Skin conditioning and cleansing, pimples, spots and brittle nails.

VITAMIN B 12 PLUS (200 Tablets)
This is a nutritional supplement with Vitamin B12, Pepsin, Vitamin C & the minerals ferrous Gluconate and zinc combined for maximum absorption. B12 Plus aids with red blood cells formation and can assist with maintaining a healthy nervous system.

For fatigue, anaemia, growth, blood, muscle and neurological health.


A lot of work is going into preparing the following products and has not been shelved. We have had very practical problems such as sourcing dried goats milk and doing research and trails with using a broad based bean as the source of our protein. This would suite both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It will be suitable for all types of blood groups as well.

Made with Rice Milk, Stevia with a natural protein source (Egg protein, dried goats milk or possibly a white bean as mentioned above), all the essential vitamins and mineral components.

Lactose, gluten, soya, intolerances. Diabetic's type 1 and 2, Hypoglycaemia, Irritable bowel syndrome, chronic upper airway infections, diarrhoea, vomiting.

This is a nutritional supplement with a combination of vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, Kelp, MSM, Grapefruit Seed Extracts, Pre and Probiotics and essential fatty acids. It promotes and assists in the healing process of Candida Albicans and general well-being. It also can assist in reducing lactose, gluten and Soya Intolerances. It can correct the body's vitamin, mineral and protein deficiencies. It aids with resistance to infections, the healing of wounds and maintaining a healthy enzyme system. Can also assist an unhealthy intestinal (gut) and bring in a healthy balance. Documented studies demonstrate and propose that Pre & Probiotics can help or assist with decreasing the incidence and duration of diarrhoea, regulating bowel movements, preventing and reducing urogenital tract infections (e.g. Helicobacter pylori that causes stomach ulcers), improving the immune system, inhibiting bladder and colon cancer, reducing serum cholesterol and reducing food allergies, particularly lactose intolerances.

Re-Balance Candida will consist of rice flour, barley grass leaf extracts, kelp, MSM, grapefruit seed extracts, pre and probiotics, essential fatty acids and either dried Whey Goats milk, Egg protein or White bean.

Systemic Candida Albicans, Chronic Fungal infections, diarrhoea, vomiting, metabolic disorders, chronic fatigue, chronic upper airway infections, bloating, Irritable bowel syndrome.


With the seasonal changes and the air becoming colder and dryer, pamper not only your body but also your soul with the following new products:

This shampoo contains a Ph balanced complex blend of herbal and aromatherapy extracts. It is able to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and restore flexibility and elasticity. This shampoo will normalise and maintain the natural moisture balance of your hair, leaving it soft, manageable, full of body and shiny.

This conditioner contains a complex blend of herbal and aromatherapy extracts, which is Ph balanced. It is able to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and restore flexibility and elasticity. This conditioner will normalise and maintain the natural moisture balance of your hair. It will leave your hair soft, manageable, full of body and shiny.

How it works:

  • Rosemary - a stimulating and refreshing herb that is good for circulation and helps control dandruff. It also stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Chamomile - helps to strengthen hair. Particularly noted for its anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. This oil is used in hair products for it is anti-allergenic properties.
  • Seaweed - this amazing herb contains more vitamins and minerals than most. It contains water and fat-soluble vitamins, 23 minerals and numerous trace elements. It normalises oily and dry hair. It brings out natural highlights in hair. Your hair will feel and look thicker and become more manageable.

Carrot, Evening Primrose Oil and Aloe Vera oils have been emulsified to form a totally natural base for selected aromatherapy oils giving you a totally natural hand and body lotion, free from perfumes, chemicals and drugs. This is a natural product that has not been tested on animals, does not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. It has been especially designed for those individuals who are prone to environmental allergies and those with Eczema or Dermatitis.

CARRIER OILS: Base oils are extracted from nuts and seeds and each has its own particular quality of the maintenance of healthy, glowing skin. Evening primrose is particularly good for cell regeneration and alleviating pre-menstrual tension.

ESSENTIAL OILS: These totally natural beauty care oils are non-oily. They nourish, firm up and allow radiance to the skin. The beautifully feminine fragrances appeal to the senses.

Geranium: Unusually, it is both sedative and uplifting, and so invaluable for treating nervous tension and depression. Also used for circulatory and skin problems.

Lavender: Its sedative and tonic effects make lavender a great balancer of the nervous and emotional systems. As an antiseptic, it can be used for many skin conditions.
Ylang Ylang: Is a great relaxer (if used sparingly) and highly recommended for anxiety, depression and insomnia. It also has benefits in treating skin conditions.

Carrot, Evening Primrose Oil and Aloe Vera oils have been emulsified to form a totally natural base for selected aromatherapy oils giving you a totally natural hand and body lotion, free from perfumes, chemicals and drugs. This is a natural product that has not been tested on animals, does not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. It has been especially designed for those individuals who are prone to environmental allergies.

CARRIER OILS: Base oils are extracted from nuts and seeds and each has its own particular quality of the maintenance of healthy, glowing skin. Evening primrose is particularly good for cell regeneration and alleviating pre-menstrual tension.

ESSENTIAL OILS: These totally natural beauty care oils are non-oily. They nourish, firm up and allow radiance to the skin. The beautifully feminine fragrances appeal to the senses.

Lemongrass: Through its anti-bacterial action, it is good for skin complaints. For the active workout enthusiast, lemongrass is the ideal cooler and deodorizer. It can help alleviate athletes foot and the refreshing fragrance acts as an energizer.

Peppermint: Used in a foot cream it can help sweaty, smelly or tired feet. It has a strong refreshing quality.

Tea Tree: A strong disinfectant and antiseptic, it is ideal for skin complaints including athletes foot.






We will be communicating some more wonderful news in our next Newsletter in three months time. Contact the offices if there is a specific ailment or illness that your would like us to discuss, your input is greatly appreciated. If you would like to advertise events happening in your area you can let us know 4-6 weeks prior to each newsletter going out. I hope the new format of our newsletter will be educational, informative and of interest. Thank you, as always, for your loyal support!

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