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Well we are way into the 2nd quarter of 2004 already. I would like to share some of our progress and growth with you.

Although Reform Distributors has been supplying Specialists, Doctors, Dieticians, selected Health Shops and Pharmacies since 1972, its products have not been extensively marketed before. In 2004 we have started to actively market the Lifeforce products:

1. To health professionals, such as Specialist, Doctors, Homeopaths, Dieticians and to sub-specialties in Medicine.
2. We have brought in a Marketing and Sales Agency.
3. We will be going into some of the big wholesalers like UPD etc.
4. We will target certain of our products and advertise them in health magazines.

Hopefully, through this, we can make the greater part of our community aware of Lifeforce, and that they can get to know these wonderful products and through the use of it benefit in the amazing healing properties.


Lifeforce products have been formulated and had an input by a panel of professionals (as indicated below); they do not contain artificial colorants, lactose, preservatives, sugar, wheat or yeast and have not been tested on animals.

An introduction to the panel of professionals:
1. Mrs. Ivy Rautenbach (Original designer of Lifeforce Products and well known Dietician)
2. Dr Ria Smuts (Doctor & Dietician well known in Complementary Health)
3. Professor Minnie - Potchefstroom University (Metabolic Disorders, Cancer and Cognitive Problems)
4. Professor Van Der Merwe - MEDUNSA University (Acting Dean of MEDUNSA, Research linked into importance of Fatty Acids connected to ADD. Cardio Vascular Diseases and Metabolic Disorders)
5. Dr Shirley Kokot, UNISA University (Clinical Psychologist)
6. Dr Brian Van Olden, Head of the Homeopathic School in SA (Specialized in Osteopathic and Rheumatoid diseases)
7. Dr Emile Aucamp (Consultant on GMP standards and Raw Material expert)
8. Sue Du Plessis (Owner of Reform Distributors and Holistic Health Practitioner)

So as we grow and expand, each of you may enjoy these benefits with us.


On to our topic of discussion for this edition: Stress and ways of managing it.
We released a Stress Combo towards the end of 2003 and through this newsletter would like to introduce you to it. Some idea's for the next topic: Candida related problems / Skin problems / Arthritic Conditions. Please let us know if you have a topic for discussion or which of the topics suggested you prefer.

We all know what it feels like to be stressed. But what is stress really? Stress is a word commonly used in our fast paced society. No one can live without experiencing some degree of stress. Short-term stress is not necessarily bad for you, as it is a vital part of life. However, often daily demands placed upon us accumulate to a point where it is almost impossible to cope.

Common Sources of Stress:


Threat of bodily harm
Exaggerated fears and Phobias
Ongoing threats to present lifestyle (E.g. Retrenchment, material separation)
Low Self Esteem linked to Constant lack of recognition and approval from others Extreme Demands:
Job pressures, deadlines, family arguments, relationships and financial pressure are common examples of stressors
Frustrating situations e.g. Traffic Jams
Demanding environment e.g. Noise, overcrowding
Lack of Balance

Welcoming change of situations like: Marriage, promotion
Unwelcoming change of situations like: Divorce, separation, and unemployment
Long term Change e.g. Retirement and bereavement Relationships:
Difficulty in Communications e.g. getting people to understand you and your situations
Family arguments, relationships
Unreal Expectations
Loneliness and lack of support
But stress can stem from anything which creates a disturbance within the body, including toxins.

Symptoms of Stress

Through Mood:
Anxious, ill at ease
Feel keyed up or over excited
Worry excessively
Confusion, forgetful
Difficulty in Concentrating
General irritability
Bored and apathetic
Symptoms in the organs:
Heart pounding
Rapid breathing
Upset stomach i.e. loose stools because of stress and nervousness
Perspire easily
Light headed and faint
Mouth and throat becomes dry
Experience cold hands and feet
Urinate often
Diarrhoea / Constipation
Face feels flushed
Blood Pressure problem
How it manifests in the muscles:
Tremble in hands and fingers
Nervous twitches
Cannot stand or sit still
Muscles are stiff and sore
Stutter or stammer when speaking
Clench jaw or grind teeth
Suffer from headaches or eye tension
Low back pain
Behavioural Manifestation:
Short tempered
Feels like withdrawing
Levels of achievement becoming less
Changes in appetite
Changes in sex drive
Withdraw through sleeping
Have become minor / major accident prone
Make mistakes
Increase in usage of medication
Use drugs, alcohol

We are geared to adapt to these stresses every day, but with prolonged or extreme stress these adaptation measures may become harmful. Prolonged chemical, emotional and physical stress places an increased demand on many organs and weakens the heart, blood vessels, adrenal glands and immune system. Long-term stress also causes depletion of micronutrients and protective glucocorticoid hormones secreted by the adrenal glands. These hormones are essential to regulate your blood sugar levels. Together these harmful processes increase your risk to developing diseases of lifestyle such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and chronic fatigue.

It is important to have the right nutrients that repair and regenerate the adrenal glands, as many disorders related to stress are not a direct result of stress itself, but as a result of nutrient deficiencies caused by long periods of stress. People experiencing and reacting to stress need to maintain a nutritious, well balanced diet with special emphasis on replacing nutrients through supplementation to counteract the likelihood of deficiencies. Stress symptoms can vary from irritation, anxiety to fatigue and insomnia. Adrenal exhaustion is the progressive decreased function of adrenal glands and these glands need support to reduce stress symptoms.

How an individual copes with stress plays a major role in determining their level of health. A comprehensive approach to stress management is important in order to maintain or attain Optimal Health in today's demanding world.

Getting the most out of life requires good health, energy and vitality. Positive lifestyle habits including balanced nutrition, supplementation, adequate exercise and relaxation help you reach these goals. Stress Combo is a specially formulated micronutrient supplement which together with a healthy eating plan, adequate exercise and relaxation help combat the damaging effects of chemical, emotional, and physical stress. A healthy body enables a healthy mind, spirit and soul, ensuring complete holistic health.

1. Reduce stress by thoughtful and deliberate self-nurturance. Develop a healthy lifestyle, which nourishes your mind, body and spirit.
2. Reduce stress in all your relationships

  • Improve your communications skills
  • Develop a mature, assertive style of interacting with the world

3. Run your life more effectively:

  • Learn to set goals
  • Practise time management
  • Use a problem solving approach

4. Know yourself:

  • Examine your self concept and your belief system
  • Understand how you have learnt ways of responding to life events in the past.
  • Choose to develop your own life plan based on consciously understood beliefs and conscious decisions taken in the present.

The following lists of actions to take and attitudes to adopt can be used as a constant reminder of how to manage stress
Read this list and circle each item you find valuable for you. Place this sheet in a conspicuous spot to remind you of these new actions or attitudes.

Actions to take:

TALK IT OUT - Share it with someone else
Others will welcome your trust
WRITE IT OUT - Put it on paper. It's easier to see it in perspective
SHRUG IT OFF - Raise your shoulders then drop them. Relax your whole body.
BREATHE IT AWAY - Inhale deeply, exhale heavily a few times. Calm your thoughts
SORT IT OUT - List practical options. Weigh, decide and then ACT.
DELAY IT - Set 15-minute aside as worry sessions and only stress, worry or panic then.
WORK IT OFF - Do something physical. Clear your head. Divert your energy.
RESERVE IT - Consider taking an opposite approach. Explore alternative angles.
Attitudes to adopt:
LAUGH IT OFF - Lighten it with humour. Be generous with smiles
DISTANCE IT - Imagine a few years from now. How much will it matter then?
BALANCE IT - Consider the good consequences and feel glad about it
CANCEL IT - Think positive thoughts. Don't' let the negative pull you down
EXAGGERATE IT - Picture the worst that can REALLY happen. How likely is it to happen?
WIN THROUGH IT - Imagine yourself being successful and feel good about it.
HOLD IT - Say 'Stop", pause, ready your thoughts, now take a fresh look
ESCAPE IT - Notice something enjoyable around you. Get into the present.

*Taken from J. Ritchie: Teaching people to unwind.

Specialists, Doctors, Homeopaths, Dieticians and other Health Professionals trust Stress Combo for its unsurpassed quality and therapeutic properties. Top Dietetic and Medical brains in South Africa have scientifically formulated this unique product. Stress Combo combination has been extensively used in practices over the past 31 years as a vital tool to assist patients to supplement in the safest, most scientific way.

Stress Combo can reduce the body's elevated levels of amino acid homocysteine, a risk factor for cardio vascular disease. Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, & Folic Acid are the primary homocysteine lowering nutrients. Balanced B Complex (Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Folic Acid) - supports a healthy nervous system. Vitamin C and Citrus Bioflavonoids are important antioxidant nutrients, which protect against free radical damage and support the immune system.

We've teamed nature's greatest stress relievers together to create an effective non-prescription alternative to dangerous anti-anxiety drugs and their unwanted side affects. The combination of ingredients relieves the symptoms of stress, anxiety and tension, including chest pains and tightness, neck and back tension and insomnia. This formula can be used synergistically with other Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids.

Special combinations of nutrients can actually improve your mood. Lifeforce is pleased to provide natural elements that can enhance mood, fight stress and improve your outlook in life. There's no smarter way to put a smile on your face!
Stress combo contains a blend of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements that work as nutrients to improve the body's response to stress, thereby boosting mood and relieving depression. It also improves other mental functions such as memory, concentration, alertness and recall. An ideal supplement during exams.

Product Promotions: Have resumed again as from March 2004, if any of our clients would want me to come and do a Lifeforce promotion or an individual product promotion please feel free to contact our offices to make a booking.

Training: Regular training sessions will be offered to interested parties on their working premises, providing we have at least 5 or more people to train. If there are smaller numbers we can combine training with other interested parties in their working area. Training commenced again in Pretoria in March 2004, thank you for those that made the effort to come to training.




TOTAL COMBO PRICE - R 133.78 (excluding vat)


This pack represents a 5 % saving and as
Further bonus - order 5 packs and get 1 free!

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