We offer a comprehensive training programme where you can learn about all of the Lifeforce products and their benefits!


Training is ongoing since it started in January 2003. Training thus far has been offered once a week for 3 weeks of the month on selected days according to arrangements made with outlets until the end of November 2004. Also generally when we launch a new product we incorporate the launching and training of that product into one day. We will be launching 2 new exciting products in 2005; therefore the planned training days for those products will only be in 2005. The training dates will be released with our first edition of our Newsletter in January 2005. Clients wishing to attend can RSVP according to invitations. One of the ideas that we have incorporated into the training days are to give each of the attending guests a 50ml Bathroom Essentials gift pack, which includes our skin and hair-care products.


Training dates are set up 2 –3 months in advance. If training takes place at Reform Distributors venue, then invitations are been posted to all our clients who may be interested in products information training. Onsite training has become the norm. We normally either present the training in training centres or in Coffee Shops close to the working area. This training is really essential, as all of our products have been scientifically designed. Many pointers will be shared that would normally only be available through medical consultations.

The first training session will be held:

Date: Wednesday and Thursday, 22 and 23rd January 2005
Time: 09H30 – 12H30 and 14h00 - 17h00
Venue: Plot 9, Pine Valley Avenue, Lammermoor

Directions from Beyers Naude and Hans Strydom Roads are included in the invitations.
RSVP for training is essential for catering purposes. Please refer to Invitations for further details.
All candidates/clients that attend this training will receive Bathroom Essential gift packs of the Lifeforce range, which consists of 50mls of shampoo, conditioner, body and foot lotions.

Training will commence with Link Max group employees early in February 2005. If any of our clients were not able to attend the launch training, then consider joining us Reef House, Cnr of Dover and Pretoria, Randburg. The training will be from 07h30 to 10h30.
Regular Training Sessions will be offered to repeat cliental training EVERY 3 MONTHS from February 2005. Next sessions will be May, August and late November / early December that will incorporate an Xmas Cocktail to end off our training sessions for 2005.

For more info regarding training, please contact us!