Welcome to MEDHOL CC Trading as Reform Distributors

It has been over 3 years since we bought Reform Distributors and I would like share with you our early beginnings and also where we are heading in 2005 and beyond.

We bought the company when it was at an all time low and made it our first objective to consider different manufacturers that could provide our products at the highest quality, with the shortest possible lead-time and at the most reasonable prices.

After visiting more than 20 different manufacturers, we managed to find 4 GMP Manufacturers that offered us the highest consistent quality, which allowed us to keep our prices the most cost effective on the market.

Our next goal was to have all our products scientifically formulated and reformulate some of our older products. We have also created an entirely new range of products that are completely different to existing products and that are really exciting. In this regard, we were fortunate to have the valuable input of a panel of eight talented health professionals (professors, doctors, dieticians and specialists) from various academic institutions. These professionals spent countless hours pouring through journals and research abstracts to identify nutrients vital for optimal health.

Within three months of us buying the company we had all our products registered with the MCC. For this purpose every product had to be scientifically formulated, documented and listed. We are still awaiting Registrations numbers on each product.

All of Lifeforce products are registered with Medikredit and have been issued with Nappi codes. This allows customers to submit a claim from their Medical Aids.

Our next objective was to improve the Lifeforce image by re-designing the product lables. They are now a Royal Blue and Bronze range with pending Registration numbers, all are Bar coded and Nappi coded and the old Egyptian Eye logo was done away with.

We started training of all outlets and professionals as from the beginning of January 2003 and this is ongoing, to keep all concerned updated.

During 2003 and 2004 we have had 16 of the Lifeforce range of 44 products updated and reformulated according to latest research released. Also during this time we have brought 11 new exciting Lifeforce products.

During 2005 we plan to expand our company through various marketing efforts. We will share our goals and plans for expansion with you in quarterly newsletters.

Last but not the least I want to thank our loyal clients who have stayed firmly behind us though all the changes that have taken place. A very big thank you to each and everyone, your support is greatly appreciated.

We firmly believe that we will be able to offer better products and services than ever before!